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about me  Nigeria flag
'NuggetzMan' is the name that depicts the artistic expression of Felix Abrahamz Obi,who was born in a rural village in South East of Nigeria in the early 1970s.Though professionally trained as a Physiotherapist, and Health Policy & Management professional, my interests in the Arts ( creative writing,photography and music) started growing in medischool till such a point(ie now) that I just can't ignore the "creative restlessness" that tug within my being.I had to get a small digital camera when I realised that my eyes wont stop "snapping pictures" when they spot any stunning scene,of people,of nature,or just anything that enthuses the aesthetic part of me.I love photography so much ( though a rookie) cos it captures that "one second of histroy" which may never be repeated or replayed like a vidoegraph would. I love to hear the clicking sound of a camera's trigger and the thud sound that follows as the flash hits a close object! My major interest in Photography is PHOTO-ARTS which I believe needs a lot of emphasy so we can appreciate the beauty around us,amidst the vagaries and travials we experience in our daily lives. I hope thro' my pictures I would bring joy to the viewers,and would love to hook up with other photo freaks to explore life's themes,and would love to become a pro someday,and host some joint or solo exhibitions. What a tall dream considering I'm just an amateur!
I use a Sony Cybershot 6.0 pixels digital camera. I have used some other types of cameras earlier, but plan to upgrade very soon as my skills improve.
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